Llama ID
for Nurseries

Automated, compliant and safer recruitment for early years education providers.

Using leading-edge technology to streamline safeguarding and vetting checks for early years providers— all within a single platform. Adapted to meet the needs of early-year professionals, ensuring they have the right qualifications and meet the safer recruitment requirements needed to work with young children.

Key benefits of using Llama ID
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Tailored checks that adapt to various job titles

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Centralised dashboard to oversee compliance

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GDPR compliant, keeping data safe and secure

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Thorough support and training provided

Llama ID features

Automated Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) applications and ongoing Update Service checks
Automated qualification collection and storing
Real-time compliance dashboard, for easy monitoring of each applicant's progress
GDPR compliant, keeping all data safe and secure with the ability to control permission levels
ID and right to work checks, compliant with the latest IDVT regulations
Efficient reference collection
and completion reminders
Bespoke forms, allowing you to collect information tailored to your nursery
Email notifications allows applicants to be informed when a task needs completing
For automated, compliant and
safer recruitment checks, all in one place,
look no further than Llama ID.