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Llama ID

We strive to create a safe environment to ensure schools can succeed and students can thrive. By using cutting-edge technology, Llama ID streamlines the hiring process for all school staff, ensuring the highest standards of qualifications and revolutionising the way staff suitability is assessed.

At Llama ID, we're proud to be part of the Edwin Group. An education alliance here to do good. Connecting schools, students, and teachers through a refreshing approach to education services. Including teaching, training, support, building character, and safeguarding. Find out more about the Edwin Group here.

DBS growth in 3 months
Launched in 2022
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Our values

Llama ID has built a strong culture which helps us to grow quickly with confidence in the sector.

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Results matter

We are passionate about performance. Our goal is to never stop looking at way to optimise further.

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We move quickly. Unlike other HR services, we are tech first. We find quick solutions to solve frustrations for you.

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We love it! It's what we do best. We are always ahead of industry changes, and enjoy launching new feature to save companies time.


It is out goal to support the industry, by offering better tools to increase hiring across all industries.

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Fair pricing

HR softwares and screening services are expensive. We will always support every type of company.

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A key part of our vision is to educate employers and employees on what best practice safer recruitment looks like. Look out for our free content to help you with your processes.