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With llama's unique offering for online media checks, we utilise the latest technologies to provide you with unrivalled insight into a candidates online footprint for a fraction of the cost and time.

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Why use llama's Online media check?

The KCSIE now requires organisations to in the sector to conduct online media checks on candidates at an offer stage. Other organisations have focused on social media, whereas general media search and criminal media search has been abandoned.

Did you know most online media is either unaccessible to the public behind a paywall or archived? At llama we provide the ultimate solution to access 12,000+ media source including media that would never be found through traditional services or methods.

How it works?

Most providers that are available in the market focus purely on validating social media posts. Our check goes above and beyond to ensure all formats of media are identified and risk assessed.

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Criminal media

We check media linked to criminal behaviour or proceedings that wouldn't appear on a DBS.

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Paywall media

We access and validate 1000s of media sources that you would usually have to pay for to validate.

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Archived media

Even if media has been archived or was before the digital age, we can still access a digital copy.

Global watchlists

We understand who are on global watchlists through media. This wouldn't be displayed on a DBS.

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Public media

We cross reference thousands of public sources from search engines to blog posts.

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Social media

We can identify social media accounts through our ID matching rules. This will showcase if there is a presence of not.

Our partners

In such a short period of time since launch we are working with some of the biggest partners across the UK.

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