Automate business critical admin. Faster hiring decisions

Safer recruitment in one solution: 
Request all checks, forms and data in minutes
IDSP Digital right to work checks & DBS ID checks
Automated compliant reference checks
Digital contract workflows
Digital forms and policy signing
Qualification and additional document collection
DBS update service checking
+60% reduction in time to hire
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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of our most frequently asked questions before and during speaking to customers. Hopefully these can help you.

How many users can I invite to my account?

You can invite as many employees, as your plan allows you too. If you go over the limit your plan will be automatically upgraded. You can view all our plans here.

How do enterprise plans work?

When our team contacts you to discuss your organisation structure, they will discuss everything regarding how to plan to set up llama in your company, if you need to integrate and how many staff you have. Our enterprise plans can save you significant costs on your existing providers and services.

How do you make money if your checks are so cheap?

Great question! The answer is simple. We focus on ensuring we lead the way in safer recruitment automation and hiring in regulated activity. This means our business model does not make money off the checks, but the value we bring to your organisation by reducing admin and decreasing time to hire; as one platform that does everything around the sides.